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About Elta

SteadMed Medical™ provides the highest-quality, most innovative products available for skin care, wound care and the care of skin complications due to incontinence. We currently offer numerous skin, wound and incontinence therapy products in addition to Drawtex® hydroconductive wound dressing with LevaFiber™ technology, as well as the Elta® SilverGel™, Elta® Créme and Incontinence Protease Technology℠.

Customer testimonials

  • Thelma Lee G from Davis, CA YAY! You guys are great and I am a loyal customer. No burns in Hawaii for me, no sirreee!
  • Andrea R from Los Angeles, CA My experience with Elta has been excellent.

  • Barbara M from Barstow, CA i would like to compliment you on your product. My granddaughter was born with ezcema and many other problems. Elta is the only thing that has helped her skin. IT WORKS! With using the Elta we were able to stop all skin medications. Thanks You.
  • Cynthia C from Marina, CA I have eczema with severe allergies to most lotions and makeup, being allergic to fragrance and parabens which are in most lotions. Elta creme has been a lifesaver for my entire body, I used it after the shower and feel great all day. Elta has cut down my need for steroid creams dramatically. I wish I would have discovered this years ago, it should be in more dermatologists offices.
  • Terry W from Albuquerque, NM Thank you so much I appreciate you helping me!
    I need my Elta products to go hiking in the Grand Canyon! I am excited that I will be hiking on my 50th birthday while many of my contemporaries are unable! Thanks Elta!
  • Anna A from Long Island , NY Dear Customer Service,

    I greatly appreciate your excellent service, and will keep ordering from you as before.

    Thank you.
  • Norma E from Austin, TX The Elta Lite Lotion was one of my greatest discovery when it comes to my Eczema. I love that I can use it all over, face, hands and body. Absorbs quickly, and being a mother of three, washing dishes is an all day event for me on weekends. Therefore, the watertight moisture barrier is a PLUS!
  • Louise C This is an amazing product, my husband has diabetes and has dry cracked skin especially on his feet. His feet was so bad, this product literally sloughed off the dry skin off his feet. His feet look and feel so much better, as do his legs and arms.
    I highly recommend this product, it is better than lotion on the market, cost is reasonable. This product also help heal an ulcer that he had on a toe.
  • From Rebecca Manifield Thanks! This is my 3rd time ordering with you guys and I am absolutely loving your service!

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